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Welcome to Under The Ark Enterprises LLC, a dynamic professional services firm based in the vibrant city of New York. We are your partners in progress, dedicated to helping organizations find their unique voice and amplify their impact on the world.
At Under The Ark Enterprises (UTAE), our mission is clear: to turn organizational inertia into pockets of exploding energy, building capacity, and positioning organizations for transformative impact in the global world.
We offer a comprehensive range of services, including proposal development, partnership development, fund development, strategy consulting, grant writing, organizational assessment, strategic planning, conversations & partnerships, organizational consulting, strategic planning workshops, proposal writing workshops, and confluence conversations workshops. Our consultancy approach is unique. We find commonalities that align grassroots organizations through thought partnership and forge joint ventures to scale impact. We also serve as technical assistance providers in organizational consulting and business development.
In 2022, UTAE achieved remarkable milestones, including securing 6.5 Million Dollars in NYSED Funding for Health and Science STEM Programs from the New York State Department of Education. We also established a partnership with Health & Hospitals Corporation to launch the 500,000 Dollar MOSAIC Program: Medical Opportunities for Students and Aspiring Inclusive Clinicians.
Join us on this journey of growth and transformation. Let's work together to define your 'who,' 'why,' and 'how' to formalize your processes and framework. Whether you're a nonprofit striving for impact or a business aiming for growth, UTAE is here to help you thrive.
Contact us today at (347) 765-3179 and let's start a conversation about how we can make your organization shine. Together, we'll build a brighter future.

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