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Business Development

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Proposal Development is one of the cornerstone offerings of Under The Ark Enterprises for several compelling reasons: Expertise & …
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Fund Development

Achieve financial sustainability and growth with our Fund Development expertise. We know that diversifying funding sources is crucial for …
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Unlock the potential of your organization with our Partnership Development service. We understand that connecting with the right partners …
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About Us

At Under The Ark Enterprises (UTAE), we are a full scope professional consulting services organization in New York City, providing strategic development support to non-profit, for-profit, start-ups, and small businesses. We help organizations define the ‘who they are’, ‘why they are’, and the ‘how to’ that formalizes their process and their framework. 

We do this work by supporting businesses with full cycle organizational management: form and function, coordination and alignment of programs, securing public and private contracts on the federal, state, and local level, evaluation and performance measurement, and host of other supportive, intervening, and innovative consulting services. Our goal is to help anchor organizational frameworks to systems that promote highest efficiency and effectiveness, and implement business strategy for organizations as they scale for measurable growth and impact.

2023 Notable Accomplishments

1. Primary Grants Administration Consultant for Ulster County Government’s Workforce Development Programs and Initiatives.

2. Secured 6.5 Million Dollars in NYSED Funding for Health and Science STEM Programs from the New York State Department of Education

3.Established partnership with Health & Hospitals Corporation to launch 500,000 Dollar MOSAIC Program: Medical Opportunities for Students and Aspiring Inclusive Clinicians


Turning organizational inertia into pockets of exploding energy, building capacity, and positioning organizations for transformative impact in the global world.


Core Services & Capabilities

Unique Approach

21st Century Insight

Our team is comprised of highly educated young professionals with a deep understanding of the current global business climate and a fresh perspective on how industries operate. With 21st century foresight, we provide consulting services that disrupt the status quo and challenge organizations to think differently about the systems and processes they need to employ to achieve success in the 21st and into the 22nd century. Our approach is innovative, data-driven, and grounded in a deep understanding of the trends and technologies shaping the business landscape today. We are committed to helping organizations navigate the challenges and opportunities of the modern era and position themselves for long-term success.

Inter-Organizational Alliance

At our consulting firm, we believe that fostering inter-organizational alliances is essential for achieving transformative impact in today's rapidly globalizing world. Too often, organizations work in silos, representing singular microcosms of a shared mission. We strive to break down these barriers and rally organizations together in an effort to support their work both individually and collectively. By building capacity within individual organizations, we enable them to expand their scope of work and increase their impact. At the same time, we encourage collaboration and partnership among organizations, recognizing that collective action can be far more powerful than individual efforts alone. Our approach is grounded in a deep understanding of the complex challenges facing organizations today, and we are committed to helping them build the alliances and partnerships they need to achieve lasting, transformative impact.

UTAE’s Iwa-Pele Standard

At our consulting firm, we recognize that organizations are fundamentally shaped by the behavior and character of their people, particularly those in leadership roles. As such, we strive to develop the leadership capacity and character of the organizations we work with, understanding that this is critical to achieving lasting change and success. Our approach to organizational design is grounded in a deep understanding of the complex interplay between people, culture, and systems. We believe that by investing in leadership development, we can help organizations unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. Our framework is designed to support organizations in building a culture of leadership excellence, fostering the development of key leadership competencies and character traits, and promoting a shared vision and purpose among all members of the organization. Through our work, we aim to empower organizations to achieve lasting, transformative impact.


541611: Admin. Mgmt & Gen Mgmt Consulting Services

611430: Professional and Management Development Training

813219: Other Grantmaking and Giving Services

923120: Administration of Public Health Programs

8742: Management Consulting Services

8299: Schools and Educational Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

8399: Social Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

9431: Administration of Public Health Programs

Industry Licenses & Certifications

DUNS: 85638186 | Cage Code: 9JW59 | UEI#: D8XUKKNBH7K6 | NYS Vendor ID# VS00082822

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